Friday, February 14, 2014

Official Orlando Soccer Journal (OSJ) logo

By OSJ Staff

The time has come to introduce the official logo of the Orlando Soccer Journal (OSJ)

We here at the OSJ have a mission, a mission that stands by delivering the best news on Orlando City SC.

The logo was designed by freelance graphic designer Gustavo Gamez. He's been in the industry for about two years now and some of his work includes, designing logos for community business' such as apartment complexes, media companies lawn care industries and most recently sports.

We have been working on the design for about a month now. Purple is the main color due to the fact that Orlando's soccer scene is painted purple, the shield also indicates the passion for soccer the OSJ has, and the stripes going down to include a broader look into soccer.

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What do you think of the design? Keep following the OSJ on Twitter for the latest news on OCSC.

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